Thursday, June 15, 2006

Time for the Advisory Board

Working through my database, adding and deleting contacts, I realize that I’ve got to get my Advisory Board together for a meeting. There’s advantages to having them together, in large part for the networking value they can gain from each other, but also to brief them on the company’s progress and leverage their experience for suggestions.

The drive to get a pipeline in place, the critical goal of servicing my already great clients, and creating new business has absorbed me over the past two months (the company will officially be two months at the end of next week). Plus there’s been infrastructure and set-up matters, too.

Yes, it’s been easy to get distracted, but in the end you have to come back to the vision. The advisory board verifies and/ or corrects the vision and immediate direction. As a younger executive, I find these trusted folks to be absolutely invaluable.

“Make wisdom your provision for the journey from youth to old age, for it is a more certain support than all other possessions,” said Bias. Experience is critical, but it does not necessarily have to be earned in all cases. It can be transferred if you are willing to learn and listen. That’s why I have an Advisory Board.

It was a milestone week. An employee, and yes, I paid myself back for all of my initial investment in the company. It is standing on its own merits now, with all networking associations and marketing activities paid for through the year. That’s a good feeling.

Got my men’s sale suit at Nordstroms in Tysons today (Half Yearly sale, fellas). My guy always takes care of me, and it’s important to keep investing in the wardrobe. It’s a business tool. People want to work with winners, and part of that means looking like a winner. Looking sharp helps me mentally dial in. If you are into learning more about the habits of winners, check out Denis Waitley’s Psychology of Winning.


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