Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Super Bowl Ad Blogs

It’s always a good day when one of your PR clients is in the Washington Post. And so today begins well.

Here’s some of the hotter blog topics I’ve run into this week:

AdLand reflects on Super Bowl ads of yore. In the same vein, Kevin Federline’s Super Bowl ad has raised the ire of fast food workers across America. The argument here is that going from Britney’s husband to fry cook shouldn’t be considered a step down. And a great article today in the Washington Post on the amateur-ad/ YouTube trend for this year's Super Bowl.

Todd and the Power to Connect reflects on brands from an MBA perspective. Lesson one: The term brand is overused.

Of course there is Budweiser’s launch of, a new network aimed at replacing network television. The social network will be launched at the Super Bowl.

Low quantity of networking events this week, which is great. I am getting some work done, and am having a “normal” 50 hour week. All in all the start-up is a ton of fun at this moment. One of the clients had a phenomenal branding session last week, a great time really.

One of the great things about placing web visitor tracking on your blog is you can see who is reading you. For example, someone at my last company, Sage Communications, reads my blog 2-3 times a week. Even from this digital distance, it’s great to "e-feel" how supportive and caring my old co-workers are… that they’re keeping up on the progress of our start-up. Quite flattering.

My current team mate Paul is a huge Chicago bears fan. Since the Second City is the metropolitan area (again web visitor tracking) that reads me the second most, we’re going to root for the Bears this year. Good luck gents!


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