Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More on Networking!

A reader asked me to write some more on networking. My pleasure. Further, more suggestions for content are welcome at

The key to networking is to bring value to the group that you are participating in. Try to join a committee that has people on it that you are interested in working with in some sort of professional capacity. From there, instead of getting leads, focus on being of service. Give, give, give and when you are tired of giving, give some more.

If you take this attitude the results will surprise you. Instead of getting leads, I find that relationships develop into friendships, not just for now, but for life. Yes, sometimes those relationships turn into business, too.

Ultimately, everyone who goes to a professional networking group is there for a reason. And everyone understands that. But time and effort must be invested. Rare are the short-term gains. After a reasonable amount of time -- 6 months, a year or so -- weigh the effectiveness and decide to continue or go elsewhere. If you constantly network and don’t achieve results, see a sales coach or take a training class. I prefer Dale Carnegie.

Things are going great. My designer is down from New York to prepare for a big pitch. We just finished the 11 o’clock run to Kinko’s to get the PPTs ready. Yes, the printer died last minute. Life in a start-up… Here’s a guest entry from my creative director:

“I don’t know what to say. It’s good to be in DC, thanks for putting me on the spot. Nervous about presenting, it’s been a while, but I have confidence that we have good stuff to bring to the table, and help these people.”

Thanks, buddy. Was kind of down yesterday, but slogged through it, and took a bike ride. It got me feeling positive, and that really is an essential quality to success. It’s paramount to have an upbeat attitude.

Momentum continues, and we hit a very nice project with a Fortune 1000 company. This is the result of an old relationship, dating back ten years. Good stuff.

Unfortunately, it seems things are not happening quick enough, and I am about to lose my potential partner to larger agencies that can provide a 6 figure living now. We’ll see what happens. There are players in the background I can tap for help, but maybe, just maybe things will break the right way. Regardless, I have faith that things will happen exactly as they should, not just for me, but also for my friend/partner, and the right people will appear in due time. The key is just do the next right thing. OK, it’s almost midnight and time to sign out.


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