Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Doing the Best We Can

I find myself working at half speed due to the flood. ServPro bailed on water recovery, so I am having to clean out the basement myself with the help of a friend. Yes, cutting out carpet, destroying furniture, tearing out dry wall, bleaching, spraying down walls. Woo hoo! Tell you what, physical labor makes me grateful to be a marketing pro.

However; with the help of family and friends, we are doing the very best we can right now. The house should be ready for a general contractor by Monday, which will leave me to focus on work full-time again. Still doggedly tied to email and making sure no apples get dropped right now.

Ordered a Prius for Caitlin, and will get a company car over the next couple of days (yes, the benefits of owning your own company). It will likely be a Highlander or an Avalon. Taking a brand step back from the Audi A4. I feel having a sizable car/SUV with leather is more important than having the label. It's a start-up, not a mega-agency from Amsterdam. Believe it or not, the cars are still close in price.

Tomorrow morning is the branding messaging summit for my new client. They are an exciting company to work with, and I think we will have a good meeting. This has been my primary work focus this week, with most of my other clients holding off until next week. Everyone has been kind and flexible, including the new client and that's been great.

Really the thing that amazes me is how an event like this really brings out the best in people. We are staying with folks who volunteered their English basement, dozens of people have called and lent aid in one way or another. It's just been a miracle. We are both so grateful.

Wishing everyone a very safe Fourth of July weekend. I will likely post on 7/3, but until then it's lights out. Cheers.


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