Friday, January 26, 2007

Forrester Releases Blogging ROI Report

Forrester Releases Blogging ROI Report
January 26th, 2007 by Geoff Livingston (0) Livingston Communications (e)

Ahh yes, marketers are scrambling to tell their CEOs and clients, really how valuable is a blog to your efforts. Forrester’s Charlene Li published a blog post yesterday on the ROI of Blogging, an mash-up of two Forrester write-ups on blogging.

A fascinating report, it raises many questions, including the age old how do we really measure the impact of the blog. Marketers across the capitol region and the world (yes, in addition to the obvious North American audience, Diary of an Ad Man is read in Latin America, Australia, Asia and Europe. 70 percent of readers are in the capitol region.) are slapping their foreheads and groaning. Thanks for the news flash.

Primary benefits include increased brand visibility, savings from customer insights, reduced impact from negative user-generated content, and increased sales efficiency. On a more measurable level, Forrester offered this comparison chart, which has assets and deficiencies, but would make any analytical marketer sit back in their chair and think for a while.

Of particular note was Forrester’s belief that the primary value of a blog is PR. I totally agree with this assessment. Blogging is very similar to PR. SOme argue that it’s different, but in many ways third party credibility — which is my definition of PR — is garnered through blogs. Whether that’s placement via a search engine, a press mention or a cross link to another blog is irrelevant. The visibility of the entity is raised by other parties. Thus, blogging = PR.


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