Wednesday, January 24, 2007


We've had a couple of breakthrough's with large anchor clients signing up for the year. One's a mega-government contractor, the other a telecom services company on whose behalf we've been executing project work. With these two companies on board we're in great shape.

We need to bolster some of our own technical knowledge and proficiency in some areas, me in leadership (so long solo warrior, time to build a team), and #1 for pitches and client relations. So we are actually going to practice what we preach and engage in some training, a la Dale Carnegie. Though we are busy, I am sure these time and financial investments will pay off long term.

Some interesting links for the week:

Check out how McDonald's is using the Food Network for subliminal marketing purposes. Who needs gourmet munchies?

Microsoft has gotten itself in a bit of a storm by editing Wikipedia entries. Hmmm. PR Folks Beware! Don't mess with the world's encyclopedia.

Of Note: Discussions on Yahoo's top 100 brand universes via Influential Interactive Marketing.


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