Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Marketing Blog Round Up

Ahh yes, a weekly round up of some cool blogs. The Bad Pitch blog says that PR people aren't needed anymore, the media get it just fine. Hmmm. Until they make an error, or miss half the story, right?

It's funny, I've heard the media pine over and over about how difficult it is dealing with PR people. It's even fuinnier that they confide in a flack with this information. Having worn both hats, it's much harder being a PR person dealing with journalists, especially disgruntled ones (approximately 1/3-1/2). Trust me.

Sony got hammered on Ad Rants for writing up a fake blog. A little graphic language use, but some very important points in this one.

Locally, Adam Horowitz details 2008 Potomac Flack hires.

On the biz front, all is well. Trying to enjoy a normal 40-50 hour week.


Blogger Ann Bernard said...

May be the media doesn't need PR reps anymore but a smart business owner knows they do...

3:43 PM  

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