Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Interesting Blogs

There a few very nice blogs popping up that would be of interest to communications pros. First is Laura Ries’ Origin of Brands blog. I am so happy to see this blog because a) the Ries family understands marketing better than anyone and, b) The scion Laura is about my age, and having met her about a year and a half ago, I think she is Extremely Bright. It’s great to see a peer so destined for success. This blog will be a strong addition to the blogosphere.

The second is Potomac Flacks. Supposed to be of interest to all DC Flacks, this is more of a Capitol Hill, Wonkette-esque insiders blog. One must wonder where the author, Dittus AVP Adam Kovacevich, finds the time to post every hour plus. It’s an amusing read, though I think it could be less gossipy and politics-centric. In Adam’s defense, he accurately observed yesterday that “most of us are trying to influence policy debates or get something done on the Hill or within the Administration.” I’m the abnormal one with my B2B, B2G and consumer work.

Speaking of, got two more very interesting clients yesterday, again both consumer. One is a quick consulting gig on blogging for an acupuncturist. The second is a small holiday ad campaign for a day spa. My wife is very happy and wants me to do in kind services, hmmm. Neither of these is going to make a huge financial hit, but I am going to be able to work with a few 1099ers whom I enjoy greatly.

Making progress on my blog property that’s converting to advertising. Things are going very well on that front. And, yes, we slowly trudge forward to PR retainer land. It always moves slower than I’d like, and in two of my high probability cases I think I’m looking at late October. Just as well that this moves at a more measured pace, as I'm already pretty close to fully loaded and was getting fearful.

Isn’t that crazy? Fear of success. After conversing about that with a couple of advisors, I feel that I worked it through. I never thought that as I looked down the barrel of getting what I wanted, that fear would grip me. But it did, and it was surprising. Still the wheels are moving forward, progress never stops and neither do I.


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