Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Source Material on Starting Up

Crazy day yesterday… things are really back up at full-speed now, and work is very active. The blogging advertising project is on, transferring heavy traffic to sustainable advertising revenue should be an interesting challenge. We will be using an NPR model. This is my tenth client.

Looks like Escape from Cubicle Nation’s Pam Slim will be authoring a book on the mental transition from employee to business owner. This is sorely needed in my opinion. Yeah there are a lot of hotshots out there with the “how they did it book,” but there is not a lot of what this process feels like, the incredible mental and emotional drain that starting a company takes. She could probably do her book, then a follow-up on the actual escape process after leaving a company.

In fact, that’s why I started this blog. This is not a tech start-up, it’s a services start-up, and I found little source material on the communications agency process. If I could only write about all of it, but you can see how much one has to focus, focus, focus on the business. It’s all a matter of really keeping a positive attitude No Matter What and focusing on the big issues that are impacting your business.

I started implementing my board recommendations yesterday. It’s time to get serious about finding a partner to help me out.

The Huntington coverage continues to trickle in. Here’s a story in today’s Washington Examiner.


Blogger cocoricamo said...

AUGUST will not be one of those "lazy months" i'm thinkin. i saw on the news yesterday that they're doing a volunteer clean up in huntington this weekend -- i hope a ton of folks turn out.

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