Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In the Weeds and Loving It

Ahhh, yes. In the weeds, and loving it.

Currently, hanging out with the pitch team for the big Fortune 100. It’s coming together pretty nicely, I’d say. Tomorrow afternoon is the moment of truth, but in the interim we are bonding, making sure that we seem like a natural team in the pitch (as opposed to contrived).

Simultaneously, I’m sneaking in ten and fifteen minute periods on the branding report due to my client by close of business today (i.e. when she walks in tomorrow). That’s coming along pretty well, and I feel confident with the product.

Next up after the pitch tomorrow afternoon… media training, media buying, an advisory board meeting on Friday, and, oh yeah, networking. The key is to focus on the next right thing…

The latter half of the week is a lot less active, and it may be time for some self care. There are only so many consecutive days full throttle that any one person can handle, and I’m pretty close to there. It’s a quality to problem to have, but at the same time one that needs to be monitored closely. It may be time for a nice, long healthy ride on the Mt. Vernon trail.

You have to smile. Things are happening… it sure beats the alternative.


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