Saturday, May 27, 2006

Networking, an Essential Business Tool

I had the pleasure of having lunch with the first person to get me involved in networking organizations, beginning with the Northern Virginia Technology Council. It was 1999, seven years ago, and man, how much has my life changed. So has my friend Ann’s. What a big heart and good soul this person has, and I only now realize the great favor she paid me by getting my clueless late-twenties self involved in networking. It was a pleasure to thank her for that.

Networking remains a critical business activity for me. I have four organizations that my company has become associated with. From networking, the entire business reputation, relationships and development occurs.

My personal philosophy with networking is that you go to help other people out, and with that attitude you make some good contacts. When I fail to have that attitude, and pursue new biz contacts solely, it’s usually not a productive use of my time. For another point of view, check out this PR firm owner’s thoughts on networking.

Note this fellow is an entrepreneur, too. One thing I’ve noticed about being an entrepreneur is that you become fascinated with other successful entrepreneurs and how they did it. Here is a great Business 2.0 article on how five entrepreneurs moved from the cubicle to their own corner office.

Two of my three initial projects are converting into larger, long-term deals and my fifth client has told me to make suggestions on expanding scope of work. There is more hovering. Passed my 1000th unique visit from more than 280 hosts on my website this past week, and I'm averaging 700 blog visits a month. Pretty good for the new launch of a company, and it’s obvious to me that there’s much to be thankful for this weekend.

It’s wedding season! I have friends’ whose daughter is getting married this weekend, plus my cousin’s wedding is coming in a few weeks. A big congratulations to All who have recently or are about to engage in nuptials. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I hope your marriages are outstanding, too.


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