Sunday, May 21, 2006

Knowledge Yields the Best Returns

Here’s the Monday morning blog, posted a little early due to an a.m. meeting tomorrow in DC. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn a little about Ben Franklin, one of the country’s most well-liked, important men, an industrious fellow who is considered by many people to be America’s foremost contributor to the world’s philosophic community.

What does Ben Franklin have to do with starting a communications agency? Well, first of all he was a great communicator, and understood how to compel people to concur with his line of thinking. But more importantly, Ben Franklin was a serial entrepreneur (postal system, Poor Richard's, firehouse, electricity, United States of America, etc.) who understood the true benefits of working for one’s self. Consider the following Ben Franklin quote:

To be thrown upon one's own resources, is to be cast into the very lap of fortune; for our faculties then undergo a development and display an energy of which they were previously unsusceptible.

Ben Franklin got it. That’s why he still continues to be at the forefront of the American mind. Just visit Google and type in Ben Franklin. If you have not read his autobiography (, you are missing a treat.

This week will be interesting. On the agenda, a couple of new projects to begin working on, plus a couple of new business meetings, and of course shuttling through existing projects for clients 1-3. I suspect things will slow down greatly come Friday, due to the Memorial Day weekend, often a four-day affair for many folks.

Another infrastructure update, tomorrow I will sign a contract for a virtual office program. The office is right across from the King Street metro with an incredible view of the Masonic temple in Alexandria. The virtual program enables me to use the conference room, as well as the offices on an as needed basis. Things are progressing so fast that this allows me an interim solution until I sort out long-term revenues and when to move into permanent offices.

As promised, here are a couple of positive thoughts going into the week, from today’s primary source of discussion, Ben Franklin:

Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble.

An investment in knowledge still yields the best returns.


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