Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jazz Festival, Blogs of Note

The 2006 Duke Ellington Jazz Festival kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend. Last year I publicized the event, but due to my departure from xxxx firm, this year was not meant to be. See photo of me working the Festival on the National Mall last year. We had 40+ plus media in attendance. DE Jazzfest founder Charlie Fishman throws a great show, so if you get a chance check out at least one of the many venues sporting this year’s festival. Good luck, Charlie!

Quite the controversy online due to the Post’s not so nice portrayal of blogging in yesterday’s Business section. My thinking on this is that most reporters don’t like it when you ask them to pull a story, so it only makes sense that a blogger would have an adverse reaction, and not want to surrender free speech. Also, there was a lack of crisis communications savvy in this particular case, though this particular article looked placed by a PR firm.

Note: Getting slammed in the blogosphere? Don’t try to influence the bloggers yourself and try to fix it. Hire a PR guy ASAP. Leave this to the pros. Otherwise be prepared to destroy your brand reputation.

Baseball playoffs are upon us… Yes, my favorite time of year. Unfortunately it looks like a year for the Bronx Bombers, but you never know… If you’re a fan, check out this baseball megablog.

Here’s a new blog for you. FCW’s Culture & Context blog by Susan Miller. Nice to see the blogosphere is finally expanding to the federal arena. Hopefully, it’ll stick

Pitching the media today and getting lot’s of voicemail (woo hoo). Will do another round in the late afternoon. Zzzzzz.

Following up on my blog entry from Monday, my friend signed on. Livingston Communications is now two full-time, one part-time employee, plus 1099ers. It’s amazing to me. Someone called me a “shiny dime” the other day, which was flattering, it’s another thing to get results.


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