Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good Spiritual Lesson

Chatted with a former boss, mentor and soon-to-be board member today, it was a pretty good experience. We talked about the strange meandering paths our careers had taken since we had last worked together a few years ago. Many humbling lessons and a couple of bad job selections occurred, making us both grateful for where we are.

I should have started this company at least one year earlier, if not three. Instead I didn’t believe in myself, and felt that I needed a more experienced vet to work under so I could garner credibility in the marketplace. That didn’t occur. Instead what I did was bolster theirs, and waste my time. As I look at my marketing and networking strengths, my biggest weakness is my own lack of credibility as a CEO, something only time can provide.

So this is my regret: That I didn’t start one year earlier. But the experience got me to the point where I believed in myself enough to do this. For that much I’m grateful. It was a good spiritual lesson. I won’t be so quick to “need” someone else’s credibility anytime soon. I definitely have enough skills and savoir faire to stand on my own.

Had lunch at Chef Geoff’s today to thank someone for referring me, and some bloke stole my umbrella out of the stand. I mean come on, shell out the seven bucks and buy your own umbrella. How pathetic. At least the salad was good.

Continuing to track for more retainer accounts, some great PR, and waiting on some decisions. Plenty of work in the interim to keep me busy.

My counterpart on the blogging project has absolutely been on fire, scoring five meetings next week. I’ve never seen anyone pick up sales that quickly. It just goes to show you sales people are born, not trained. I use to think they could be trained, but not anymore.

Next week I’m moving from three to two blog entries. Most people check in once or twice a week according to add stats so three installments seems like overkill. Thank you for your loyal readership. If you have any suggestion at all as to what would make a better blog experience, please email me at


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