Sunday, August 13, 2006

Getting Ready for More

Who closes a deal in Washington in August on a Friday afternoon? Well I did. Given what else is left in the pipeline that could be decided this month (or in early September), I’m listing a couple of advertisements in select places. There are two in particular that could demand a full-time staffer.

One must assume growth and be prepared for it. On a macro scale, its by focusing on potential big issues and by being prepared for them that success occurs. For example, having a cushion in case a financial crisis occurs, or having a backup disk in case of hard drive failure. Winners prepare and have alternative plans of action… just in case.

In this particular case, I’ve worked at companies where the executives were too cheap to be prepared to hire, unwilling to have consultants at the ready. This miserly approach to business only hurts the clients, and the staff working on the team. It stretches everyone thin, and service slips. Bandwidth must be at the ready, especially given the service quality I’m committed to delivering.

Moved back into the home office over the weekend. Now that feels pretty good. Still it was working out of Preferred Offices’ King Street station facility, and I plan on using them once I have that long-term reoccurring revenue contract. They saved my business during the flood, and definitely deserve my loyalty.

Business is secured through September now. That’s important to me, I am billing enough to pay myself and cover business costs since the beginning of June. Now I just need to collect.

Looking at a couple of partnership opportunities right now that are brewing. The best one is with an old colleague of mine who may be moving back to town. Another larger ad agency wants to partner as well. This seems a little conflicting, perhaps you could call it co-opetition? Hmmm, we’ll see what happens with that as time progresses.

Monday's quotes are below:

“If I always appear prepared, it is because before entering an undertaking, I have meditated long and have foreseen what might occur. It is not genius where reveals to me suddenly and secretly what I should do in circumstances unexpected by others; it is thought and preparation.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”
-Bobby Unser


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