Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Coverage Continues, Interesting Blogs

It’s Tuesday a.m., and I am having a slow morning. So why not kick out a bonus blog? More coverage from last week’s flood story released by the Associated Press: Channel 7 and the Washington Times.

Moving forward with Huntington flood PR the goal is to position other community leaders as primary spokespeople. There are two reasons for this: 1) Time is better prioritized towards launching the start-up, and 2) the need to show a diversity of voices out in the marketplace.

Lot’s of writing to do today, plus I have some long-term BD initiatives to launch this week. Should be a week with a lot of office time, and that’s probably a good thing for refocusing on September’s work and beyond.

Some interesting blogs I’ve found over the past few days. Blogs of War seems to be chronicling the war effort in the middle East. Increasingly blogs are becoming a primary source for war information as citizens’ distrust the media’s view of events increases.

Local blogger TC the Terrible takes an interesting look at the evolution of blogs in the American mindset. Are we Paul Revere? Hmmm, not so sure about that, but it is an interesting argument.


Blogger TC The Terrible said...

Paul Revere wasn't a publisher by any means. He was a silversmith and shit stirrer who really pushed the truth to the edge when trying to create support for the rebel cause. Thomas Payne was the guy that was first willing to put his name on his writings, thus putting his balls in a gaint sized vise if the Revolution failed.

Thanks for the mention on your blog. It's nice to see thoughtful bloggers linking back to my site.

Keep up the good work.

2:28 PM  

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