Thursday, August 10, 2006

Buddha Marketing

Networking last night was great. I forget how exhilarating it is to be out there, how much I love mixing it up at a quality event. The network is where it’s at… And in the midst of summer, it was good to be out and about.

My branding project has successfully migrated to the closing rounds of messaging. Whew! I was getting desperate and thought I was going to have to use the latest advertising gimmick, Buddha marketing. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Zen marketing’s hot, even Ben & Jerry’s is getting into it with its new beta flavor, Jolly Lama. Zen has always had an attraction of the foreign and mysterious, so this only makes sense.

Working on updating the website, specifically the PR section. I need to get recent coverage out there, as opposed to oldco coverage. It’s been almost four months, and its important to highlight newco coverage.

Got a new project on one of my existing clients! Yes, good news, plus I have a couple of decisions coming to me this and/or next week on additional work. Also kicked off one of my clients that I won last month.

Not bad for August in a town where everyone goes away. Speaking of, I planned a three-day weekend with Caitlin for August 25. She doesn’t know where we are going, and it’s my intent to keep it a surprise until that time. It’ll be nice to get a little break.


Blogger Michelle at Hey Love Designs said...

Hey thanks for checking out my blog. I always se your listing in DC Blogs and laugh because your blog title is so similar to mine.

I might continue checking out your site - I studied PR in college and have thought about getting back into it again. Keep up the great work!

12:02 PM  

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