Thursday, July 27, 2006

Preparing for Successes

One of the things I am working on is preparing for more work. The what if scenario looms over me currently, so its important to be prepared for the short-term hit as well as begin the long-term build-out plan.

Yesterday, I met with a 1099 PR counselor, one I know from my previous days at Widmeyer. She is a major league hitter. We’re going to give it a go on a product launch that I am going to be executing this August and September. I am confident she will be excellent if I win one of the large retainer prospects I am looking at.

For the long-term, the thing to do is find a strategic partner who can help build this business. This may or may not be someone as senior as me, but definitely someone who brings something to the table. A key component will be fulfillment.

It’s a big day for media training. Looking forward to it. After that I have a white paper to work on, as well as some serious positioning activity on a brand project, and some PR and advertising work. The beat goes on!

Key right now is staying positive and focused on the big picture. My attitude is still suffering a little from the past month, so I am actively working on addressing this by trying to build in fun, work-outs, and am even going to the Shakespeare Theatre this weekend with my wife and elderly grandmother who just moved into town.

Also, I should be able to move back into my home office within the next two weeks. That will be good, though Preferred Offices has a great facility here in Alexandria. I would like to use them once I get that first large reoccurring revenue account in.


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