Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pitch Energy

The brand report is in, woo hoo. Now on to media training and white papers. Yeah!

The big pitch went well, in fact I am writing now because I was so pumped up for the past couple of days that I can’t sleep. Unfortunately, I found out the hardest competitor in the market is up for this deal, too. This company is extremely difficult to compete against, but I’m up for the tennis match. Brainstorming follow-up ideas right now.

Kudos to personal friend Mark Amtower for a sweet placement in
Entrepreneur magazine. Mark’s done a great job branding himself as the go-to B2G guy over the past couple of years.

I’ve got four major deals up in the air right now, and it is an interesting time to be weighing them. In many ways this calls for a unique blend of patience, value demonstration to the prospects, and persistence. There will be at least one if not two who see that I can be of service to them.

Here’s a nice little quote to ponder on this topic: “Patience cautions us to focus our efforts on what we can change while accepting what we cannot. When external circumstance rains on our parade, patience is our umbrella. Rather than blaming what we cannot control, patience is the wisdom behind persistence.” –
Denis Waitley’s eZine, Issue #65, June 19, 2006

I had three very interesting conversations today. One was a one of these wolves in sheep's clothing trying to "help me." Sigh. Ever try to rationalize with one of these? Believe me, don't waste your time. They think they're totally justified, and you can’t really point at anyone when you find yourself suffering as a result of interacting with these folks. It’s the price of keeping company with thieves, so to speak.

The best part of owning your own company is opting out of relationships like this. No thank you! But really, there is no excuse for allowing folks like this in one’s life in any form at all, owning a company, personally, as an employee, or even family. You just can’t change these people, and their karma inevitably spreads to you. A hard lesson already learned by me.

The other conversations were with folks that I want to work with or would like as a client, but for whatever reason gave up on those relationships. They are both back on the board.

OK, it’s almost 1 a.m. Wear off pitch energy, wear off…


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