Friday, July 21, 2006

End of First Quarter

Played hookie this afternoon and went to see the Pirate movie. It was lame, and I split to meet my wife at 6, but I did enjoy the down time.

Won a small personal client today, an old contact who just called me out of the blue. Nice. That makes nine total clients so far in three months (next Monday we will start our second quarter)... Albeit, there is no reoccurring contractual revenue on a monthly basis, but I am well enough off here to sustain myself and a few 1099ers on a part time basis. Not bad for a first quarter that included a natural disaster.

Next step, reoccurring revenue. Lots of that in the pipeline… Does summer matter for decision making? Not yet, but we’ll see in the dog days of August.

Speaking of next steps, I have my board meeting later today (yeah, more Midnight oil burning…). This will be invaluable. All senior managers running major marketing efforts, companies or divisions of companies. Average age is 50.

I like their ethics and values, their views on business, and of course their experience. It’s so important to have strong, identifiable folks like this who can help out a young CEO like me. The resulting advice and opinions should be invaluable.

With that… have a great weekend!


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