Friday, May 05, 2006

A Week Ends

So another week has ended, and things continue their bullish trend. Clients four and five are very close, in fact they are already orally asking or committed, so I think within the next five to eight business days things should be solidified.

Starting to interview pretty heavily now. If a couple of these deals turn into long-term opportunities, fulfillment will begin to be an issue. At the same time, revenue is starting to come in, and I’ve got a couple members of my board of advisors helping me out, which is greatly appreciated. Past experience tells me my hiring skills are questionable as I have those very excitable characteristics of a sales person, and I can easily be swayed. This is where relying on others really matters as hiring is a mission critical function in the services business.

Next week is a big RFP week, and I am actually starting on that this weekend. Also, I have to do some Internet PR as well as write a MAVA PowerPoint for one of my clients. So Sunday will be the beginning of next week for me.

I try to take one day off a week – usually Saturday – just for recharging and sanity purposes. But make no question about it, starting a company requires heavy hours. It’s not for the weak of heart. An 11 or 12 hour day is light, and feels like you are cheating yourself of the effort needed to be successful.

Well, I think I am going to cheat myself today. It’s Friday and 11 hours into it at that. Time for some R&R.


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