Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mobile Social Networks

I'm sitting in Barnes and Noble, waiting out the rain storm before a 4 p.m. meeting. Between the funeral and the weather, today was pretty much a shot day.

First night of Dale Carneie was great. I loved it, lot's on creating processes, and guidelines so that there are roadmaps to success. It was also interesting to see that the approach is to create clear rules of engagement, then build relationships with employees. At the same time it was very GEesque, measuring people's performance in several ways, and cutting people that don't work out.

I definitely need to build-out more processes, and the employee handbook. I have already written ethics, as well as guidelines for client relations. Next up, suggestions for PR. Also, I am going to get much more rigorous on the front-end side with some interviewing techniques. It's all about finding the right people.

elance is an interesting tool that I've been tapping into as of late. Very useful. It just go to show you how powerful these social networks really are. We are on the cusp of many changes in marketing, with only the tip of the iceberg currently visible. One must think that mobile social networks will be even more important globally as most folks lack the computing power that we in the U.S. take for granted... I did my graduate thesis at Georgetown on mobile Internet technologies, and am fascinated by the topic.

In that vein, today's round up of blogs includes social networking booming in the mobile phone world. This week's 3GSM show featured mobile social networks galore. Of particular note is Cerkle, a new network that does not require software downloads, says Techsape.

Open Gardens has an interesting dialogue on .mobi and Darwinism in the mobile social networking world.

PrairieLaw highlights the inevitable appearance of dreaded lawyer blogs. God, now you know corporate blogging has gone mainstream.


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