Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Self Care and Productivity

Went to the gym last night for a very long workout. It felt great. It’s so important to take a break and work off the stress.

When there’s this much going on, it’s tempting to work straight through… however, I find that taking the time for self-care such as morning meditation, and 3-4 work-outs a week make all the difference in the world. In fact, it makes for better productivity, better decisions, etc. Plus the pursuit of balance cannot be underestimated.

The accountant gave us a clean bill of health (for a boot-strap start-up). We’re going to cut a profit in year one, abbreviated as it was (we started in April). For accounting purposes, year 2 begins now, though our first calendar year will be completed in a few months. In addition to office space, went to Bank of America and will be opening a line of credit.

On the staffing front, hired one of my 1099ers half-time for the month. While we’re going gang busters, we’re going to wait another month or two before committing to a third full timer. Including myself, #1, the 1099er and our intern, we have four people working in my offices this month.

The mid-week blogs of note:

* A massive outrage is brewing in the blogosphere as the truth comes out. Windows and Mac OS have turned to the NSA for security help. Shades of the Clipper chip have returned, and privacy again is thrust into the spotlight. This has PR nightmare written all over it. We may go Mac over this one.
* Slashfood takes a look at Coke Zero’s second major ad campaign to make it Coke’s “next mega brand”… Will it work?
* Copy blogger’s got a great entry on the 5 essential steps for success with search engine optimization. Welcome to my list of resource links, Copyblogger!


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