Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Marketing the Biz

With #1 on board, there is much to do about business development and marketing the firm. I am executing only the PR programs, with the rest pretty much turned over to her.

On the marketing front: Tomorrow, I am speaking on corporate blogging, the second of four engagements in a month. The first was the NVTC (see comments), the second is a small networking group here in Alexandria on business blogging, the third is the CxO forum, and the fourth is a class on marketing. Speaking opportunities are great as they are the best form of promotion for generating leads.

I also have a proposal before a networking body to host a regular series of marketing roundtables. Additionally, I filmed a series of short marketing tips this week that will appear over the next couple of months on YouTube. This, too, should help market the firm.

As usual, some interesting mid-week blogs for you:

Spin Thicket is a live feed of all that is PR, marketing, spin.

Agency Idea Grove has a great blog, Media Orchard, which provides a quick daily snapshot of some marketing headlines on the Internet.

The pipeline is getting fatter right now with 11 high quality leads. To save time, I threw out all leads that I had a negative feeling about, preferring to focus on winnable opportunities. As a result, I like the health of the leads, the quality and the potential for additional opportunities.

I am very focused on getting them in house. September’s round of possible retainer accounts were OK, but most turned into projects. I guess I am still building credibility with the marketplace. The sustainable revenue model is what’s needed.

The elections have really hurt attendance at networking events. No one is in town. It'll be very interesting to see how the election affects the business of DC. The Business Journal had an interesting article on the topic.



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