Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Viget's Top Ten Web 2.0 Blogs

Thanks to fellow blogger, “The Running Babe,” for her photography skills at the Greater Washington Board of Trade’s Fall Business Classic. I finally have a photo I like enough for my blog portrait.

Here’s a hot local blog from Internet & Marketing firm Viget Labs. They are big into the internet marketing and web 2.0 realms. In fact they have a great post on the top ten blogs following web 2.0 technology. Very cool.

I had the chance to see founder Brian Willians speak on SERO. He gave a very savvy, pragmatic discussion. No wonder Britney Spears loves these guys.

I am building a pretty unusual marketing plan for a B2G play. GWACS are unusual creatures in the B2G world. Huge potential contracts and awards with vast valuations, yet no real money until the “awarded contract” is marketed to. Many B2G teams make the mistake of assuming the deal is done once they receive an award. Au contraire, that’s just the beginning. Enter the sales and – you got it – marketing team.

Since my most often reading competitor is pretty much a B2Ger, I am going to have to hold off on commenting about specific strategies and tactics. But in this particular subuniverse of Washington, it is safe to say that sophisticated marketing programs are the abnorm, so it’s not hard to distinguish yourself. Mediocrity reigns.

Other stuff cooking. One marketing plan, one PR pitch, one ad campaign and two web sites. Mix it up, and you got a communications agency. Interesting stuff on the new biz front, too.


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