Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Romance or Plato?

Got a wink from Potomac Flacks. PF author Adam Kovacevich and team mate Jennifer Horowitz are some of the good folks working over at Dittus, a high quality PR firm. So if you must use a larger, more established firm than mine (which you really don’t, but that’s OK, I understand), check them out.

Speaking of blogs, how about the Greater Washington Board of Trade’s expert approach to pulp fiction readers' hacking of their advertisement (see 10/4 entry) showing Washington as an educated community. Result, positive NY Times and Washington Post coverage.

Note these bloggers call themselves smart… hmmm. Let me see, trust someone reading Plato or someone reading trashy romance books that proclaims self intelligence (Geoff quickly hides his sci-fi books, replacing them with Philip Roth masterpieces). These bloggers came out looking foolish and BoT looked brilliant in my opinion.. with NY Times and Washington Post coverage furthering the organization's awareness.

Personally, I think the Board of Trade is a great organization. It was the first organization I joined when I started this company. Director of Marketing Alan Smith, a fellow blogger and someone that I’ve worked with, handled this like a champ.

Further, I am happy to see someone taking a proactive approach to negative blogging publicity. The facts are the facts, and as a business owner considering relocation to another city you want an educated workforce. Anyone with a brain in their head can see this. It’s called advertising, boys and girls. And BTW, I thought DC had the highest percentage of post graduate degrees in the country. Maybe not, Socrates. Better hide your business and philosophy books, you’ll get attacked on the metro by romance readers.

Biz is going well. Kind of a strange loll, a quiet before the storm. Lot’s of work, but it’s all on the client side right now awaiting approvals/feedback. I may bolt this afternoon for some short term fun because I see what’s coming at me this week and next, and know it’s not going to be pretty. My first full-time employee starts next week, plus two part time 1099ers right now. The bandwidth is ready, the game is on.


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