Friday, October 20, 2006

One More Dissemination Tactic

In my previous Five Musts entry I forget a growing and important tactical tool to disseminate buzz: Wireless. Number 10 may be the last method, but it is by far the least. Consider the infinite possibilities with address books and the ability to send data. Thanks to #1 for reminding me!

Here’s a hot communications use of web 2.0 technology. Local B2B blog Neighbors Serving Neighbors, owned by Livingston friend Rick Dassler, primarily uses YouTube video shorts to disseminate valuable business tips. Great idea, Rick!

Some more noteworthy blogs:

Jaffe Juice: Good ad industry musings
Ad Pulp: More ad industry musings
Media Orchard: Interesting dialogue on PR

All three of these have been added to the group of links on the right. Business is good, really kicking the tires and getting a lot of accounts reinvigorated. Now that bandwidth is here,it's time to scale out. My clients seem to be responsive, though with all things having a contract in hand means a lot more than whispered promises.

Having #1 on board helps so much I can't even communicate her value. She's very savvy, and can literally take projects and run. Very glad I brought someone senior on board.

Let’s hope Google doesn’t mess up YouTube. One must wonder where Google is going with its many acquisitions. Are they diluting their brand? I am beginning to think so, but really nothing has stopped them yet, so proof's in the pudding.

Still, they remind me of Yahoo!, and before them AOL and Microsoft. So eager to run the Internet, yet soon they found themselves oversized through acquisition. With size comes slowness, and the inability to react. Already Google has to acquire new technology rather than develop it. It’s growth through acquisition rather than organic growth. And that usually is a sign, not a definitive moment, but a sign that a company is starting to lose its mojo.


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