Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Too Tight!

I am not sure if you have seen the bad pitch blog yet, but it is hilarious. PR people, this a must read. Watch journalists ridicule the foolish and thoughtless.

Ugggh. The pants are tight, it’s time to cut the fat, the carbs and slim down. I’ve been piling on the pounds ever since I started up, and now my wardrobe is endangered. Yeah, time has become a premium item in my life, and excercise and self care have suffered. Enter current dilemma: Getting fat.

What does that have to do with business you ask? A) You need to feel good about yourself in meetings. If you feel like crap, you will inevitably start performing like well, you get the picture.

Wearing too tight clothes is not a great way to engage in that activity. I won’t buy bigger clothes because B) I feel better slim than heavier, that means I like to be in shape. It makes me feel like I’ve got my top game. And C) it’s expensive replacing ten quality suites. No, I think slimming down is the right idea.

Woohoo South Beach! Of course, just eating less and recommitting to exercise everyday maybe a good idea, too. Doesn't help that they're serving pizza for lunch today. What should I do? I'm thinking single slice. Yeah, so nice to be worried about that.

Huge consumer pitch in an hour +. I am a consultant on the larger deal. Very plussed by this opportunity; it would be one of the most rewarding wins of my career! If we win, I’ll ask my client for permission to mention it online.


Blogger Unknown said...

Geoff: Thanks for the link and the kind praise. And, FWIW, my wife and I swear by Weight Watchers.

12:00 PM  

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