Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Coming Up for Air

Slogging – oops blogging – away. Sometimes work seems like trudging. Probably has a lot to do with going wire-to-wire since Sunday night. That’s when it’s time for a bike ride down the Mt. Vernon trail to clear the mind (note this is a lunch time activity that’s about to occur). BTW, here is a funny advertisement for deodorant if you want a mid-week pick me up.

Have a lot of branding work that I’m wrestling with and digesting. We came up with a great product name in yesterday’s brand session. Very pumped up about it, and it looks like there are no other competitors so the path to trademark looks clear.

People keep calling me to offer me jobs, too. What an honor, seriously. These are some pretty prestigious positions. But I could not take them in good faith. I need to make a serious go at Livingston Communications, and would be plagued with thoughts of what if… My commitment to the start-up is complete.

Some interesting responses to the online ads I placed. Here’s a tip for job seekers. Don’t send an application to one employer for another’s position. Hmmm, yeah. That’s a no go.

Developing the media kit, too, for my new advertising client, and working on an award submission. Networking is also in the mix. Yes, it’s a busy day, but first, my bike ride.


Blogger cocoricamo said...

totally unfair. tell the trails hello from the office-stuck, and don't forget your rain gear!

1:02 PM  

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