Friday, August 18, 2006

Blogging When the Competition Reads

Having a great week. Couldn’t be better really. Spent a lot of time pitching the past couple of days, so today’s an actual work day. So is tomorrow and Sunday. Cannot wait to hire, but burn-rates must be measured.

Need to do some improvements to my media training. Gave a couple of versions of it, and it just needs some more interactivity and oomph. People seem to resonate with it though, and in one case this week, after the training we decided to explore discussions about additional PR for the organization.

Also working on an outstanding sports pitch. It’s a long shot, but gee whiz, it’s so nice to be a part of the dance! Speaking of, football season is starting. I’m not a big fan of football, but I did like this ASU Marketing law 79 video. Pretty funny. I’ll bet it was pretty well received down in Arizona.

So I went to a networking event this week. It was good, a little different. I was kind of shocked by some people’s aggressive self promotion. And others personal presentation. One fellow went with a black T-Shirt to a business networking event. I could never represent my company like that in good consciousness. Your outside image and presentation often – not always, but often – reflects your actual performance.

Are all of my experiences truly blogged about? No, addfreestats shows my competitors read the site, some every darn day first thing in the morning.

Note, my approach to competitive situations:

“The combat of the victorious is like the sudden release of a pent up torrent down a thousand fathom gorge.”
-Sun Tzu

For starters, that means not blogging about your methods of approach on individual situations. They should not see you coming. It also means... well, what can I say the competition’s reading. I’d love to reveal more, but cannot. Some things belong in books and not blogs, and competitive tactics and strategies are among them, as well as client names and individuals.

My only departing piece of wisdom is read everything you can on strategy. The Way of Strategy is the way of victory. Competitive pitching without strategy is like fighting with your right hand tied behind your back.


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