Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Winning Attitudes: Positively Focused and Learning

It’s late and I’m still at it. If you notice the times on the blog postings, they are Pacific time. Add three hours (and a small fiddle), please.

There seems to be an amazing amount of energy required by a start-up, yet there is always enough to take me to the next activity. And I feel so positive about the business, it’s just great! I feel free.

I had coffee with someone who successfully started their own business today, and he remarked about how he had no time for storm clouds, or negative thoughts. Whenever something like that came into his mind he just pushed it right out.

I’m with that. There are always naysayers, people that don’t want to see you succeed, or are afraid of success. It reminds me of Jeffrey Gitomer’s book, “The Little Red Book of Selling” when he talks about avoiding people that only have negative thoughts. Of course, as a Philadelphian Gitomer dubbed it “stay away from pukers,” but you get the idea. Like my friend today and Jeffrey Gitomer (www.gitomer.com), I just can’t afford to pay any attention to this kind of energy. Focus, focus, focus on the next right thing and it’s all good! And it really is all good; things are going very, very well indeed.

Another thing my friend gave me today was a shared thirst for learning. Winners want to learn more, they are never satisfied. Here is a guy who has done really well for himself, at least by my standards, and he is taking notes, asking himself what he learned in our meeting. That’s great! I, too, was learning about start-ups, and what it takes to succeed. I also had a conversation about an old boss of mine that I admire greatly today. Same thing, this guy in his late forties/early fifties always wants to learn more. Humility – perhaps defined as remaining teachable – seems to be a characteristic of these folks, people that I consider winners.

On the day-to-day stuff, good meeting with the client today, plus five new business meetings set-up. Not a bad day at all. Really enjoying working with my colleague. There are time considerations at play, so hopefully we can find enough companies that we can help, and get this business going with her as a part of it. A real ace, and I think a very positive, strong PR person.

I committed to myself to post three times during the business week, and perhaps once during the weekend. Heading to NYC on Thursday evening, so I will try to get one more in before the end of the week.


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