Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Best Super Bowl Ads

If you are looking for the usual Monday quotes, click here. It had a write up of the new 94.7, the Globe's positioning. Here's a summary of what my favorite Super Bowl Ads, which can all be found at CBS Sportsline.

Chevy HHR college generated as was outstanding

Coke: Grand Theft Auto, Old man gets a tattoo

Doritos User generated ads were all good, but Cheesy was the best.

Emerald haunted by Robert Goulet

Bud Light’s Fist Bumps are dead, Face Slapping is in

Snickers Love Boat

Orange County Choppers ad from HP

Clearly some big agency ads worked, but the user generated You Tube-esque ads were all very good, too. It just goes to show you, per the Blah, Blah, Blah blog, if you take the committee out of creative, you get something interested. Maybe this will take the conservative, boring nature out of advertising, maybe just a little. All in all, a fun experience watching.


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