Wednesday, January 17, 2007

PR Blog Links

This week I wanted to get some relevant PR blog links out there (hat tip to Patrick for the some of these suggestions):

* Strumpette: Yes, all that's PR and some very pointed swipes at the big boys. Good blog read for those in the biz. Here's a funny quote from the current entry, "Here’s the deal; since what we do in PR is for the most part so God-awful basic and tactical, we are forced to resort to three things in order to separate you from your hard earned cash: brand the firm, brand specialized expertise, and glom on to new things that make us sound smart."
* dcrtv from Dave Hughes: All that's broadcast in the District and Baltimore. Good source for local flacks.
* Like It Matters from Brian Oberkich: Another marketing blogger who's embraced the web 2.0 technology. The current entry has a good dialogue about embracing blogging and abondoning old school PR tactics.

Business is good. More orders today, putting net billing for Jan over 40, though some of the work is to be performed in February. We've got help through this period to ensure fulfillment is achieved.

I am starting to rethink what the blog will become. I committed to liveblogging the start-up for year one. That ends on April 25. Should I continue as is? I think evolving it may be in order, too. Perhaps more of a dialogue about best practices, success stories, etc. is in order. As I know there's a faithful following, your suggestions are welcome. Email me at geoff (at)


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