Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cake Love at BoT

Cake Love founder Warren Brown spoke tonight at the BoT’s Small Business Network dinner and was outstanding. Made me want to go out and kick some butt. I had a great time, and felt jazzed about my biz. Plus the cake was pretty, tasty, too.

Livingston Communications was in the program for speaking earlier this year, and all speakers were asked to stand up and take a bow. One spaced out PR guy missed this cue, but we don’t know him… yeah.

Some blogs for you. Here’s some more Cake Love: Warren’s blog about appearing on national shows and media. Nice to see it from the client’s point of view.

Advertising for Success is a blog dedicated to marketing research before the research becomes common knowledge. A worthy goal.

Finally, If! has a nice entry from Barbarian Group founder Ben Palmer on the concept of Branded Utility. Seems a little bit of a respun idea – making consumers own the brand – but hey, I’m up for a new wrinkle or two.

OK, slogging through the week. It’s pretty nuts right now and I am actually procrastinating at this late hour. But busy is a quality problem. It's my unfortunate destiny to dun a couple of people. That’s not enjoyable at all. As an entrepreneur you must wear many, many hats.


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