Thursday, August 31, 2006

Here Comes the Rain Again

The specters of the not-too distant past haunt me. The rain is coming back. I can’t believe it. Nothing like a little Ernesto induced insecurity.

It probably won’t be that bad this time. The ground is drier; it hasn’t rained for two weeks straight. One can only hope.

Nevertheless, I will be at home monitoring the storm, making sure, watching. To do anything differently would be foolish. Wilmington, NC has already gotten 6.5 inches. When the flood hit, we had recorded 10inches in 24 hours with already saturated earth. Buying my sand bags tomorrow morning.

You have to wonder why Fairfax County government hasn’t enacted any short-term or long term initiatives to protect this community. Would it be the same if this was Great Falls? Has the Bridge project thought ahead and removed their barges? Let us hope, let us pray that storm is merciful this time.

Not a great business week, two new extensions from clients, a cool campaign, and vote of confidence from an existing client that experienced a management change. But I got a no-go (more of a wait and see) on one of the larger deals I’ve been waiting on.

How frustrating. It’s making me gnash my teeth. Nothing drives me into a bad mood faster than a loss. I am already back up and swinging at the plate. If it was easy, everyone would start their own company. I've got the fortitude, the hunger, the drive and the capability. I'm not giving up. Flood, fire, lose,win. I'm staying. Besides, I like the boss more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Checked your site to see how you fared with the rains. I guess no news is good news?
Enjoying your blog -- I especially love the literary references!

2:43 PM  

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